Vegan Travel Tips

Pack food/snacks - nut butter packets/jars, nuts, seeds, grains (if access to kitchen/cooking supplies), dried foods like seaweed, raisins, powders, things you can't likely find in other parts of the world (most countries will have the basics).

happy cow

bring sign with you like madeline and marsha

research ahead of time

call restaurants/hotels and let them know you're vegan

order sides from the menu

be flexible and compassionate towards yourself - you're doing the best you can. The goal is not to be perfect.

Think about locations

Supplements (protein powder, vitamins, etc)

Grocery stores - read labels, find surprise vegan items, stock up, find fresh veggies from local markets

remember things to ask about: Fish sauce, butter, dairy, cooked with meat, meat broth/stock, milk/eggs in bread,